Build Your Private Label Bathing Soap Line offers a wide variety of natural and organic private label multiple varieties of soap lines categories  in Beauty Soaps, Men Soaps, Medicated Soaps, Guest/Hotel Soaps & Novelty Soaps and many more including your Custom Formulations. Our manufactured soaps are  firm and of uniform in texture and colour. They does not cause skin irritation and has good lathering and cleansing properties. All ingredients used in the product are non-injurious to health and they are manufactured in accordance with guidelines set forth as per US FDA & EUROPEAN STANDARDS.

Our every type of  Soaps are made up of carefully chosen ingredients. They are Grade-1 & 100% Vegetarian oil soaps, loaded with magical ingredients which has the goodness of Essential oils, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Glycerine and Soap Noodles which rejuvenates and nourishes the dry skin and provides day long deep moisturising and helps in achieving healthy and glowing skin in just few days of regular use.

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