Standard Cosmo Round Bottles


The Cosmo Round, also called the Bullet, is characterized by its tall and slender build with steeply rounded shoulders.

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  • Serums and Oils
  • Toners
  • Lotions and Shower Gels
  • Shampoo and Conditioners

Product Info
This item is part of our standard packaging collection, and therefore included in your unit price for all private label orders. MOQ with your Private Label order: 12 pieces.

When pairing with closures, please be sure to match the specific Neck Size to your desired closure.

Material: PET Plastic.

Important Considerations
Please Note: This sample is intended for clients preparing for their Private Label orders.

Additional information


White, Amber, Black


1oz (Neck Size: 20-410), 2oz (Neck Size: 20-410), 4oz (Neck Size: 20-410), 8oz (Neck Size: 24-410), 16oz (Neck Size: 24-410)


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